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Medical Marijuana & Its Many Uses

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While there’s a stigma that many people using medical marijuana are only interested in its recreational applications, it does have a lot of immensely beneficial health benefits that have been a real saving grace for many that would be having a significantly less pleasant life without it. Before jumping on the bandwagon that demonizes marijuana in all of its forms – as well as those that use it – it’s important to take an open minded view of just everything that medical marijuana has been able to accomplish thus far. Consider the following:

1 – Glaucoma Treatment

First of all, medical marijuana is perhaps one of the most effective treatments for glaucoma. For the uninitiated, this is a particularly vexing eye disease that leads to heightened pressure in the affected eyeball. The result of this is often damage of the optical nerve, leading to difficulty with vision. It’s also quite uncomfortable and even downright painful if left untreated. Fortunately, medical marijuana has been shown to be immensely effective at easing the pressure inside of the eye for glaucoma patients. Essentially, this means that the drug can be used to prevent blindness.

2 – Reversal Of Carcinogens

Many studies suggest that medical marijuana can also be used to reverse a lot of the effects of the carcinogens that we are regularly introduced to in our daily lives. Unfortunately, these days it seems more and more fairly routine things are being linked to cancer. Any tool available that can fight this off must be taken full advantage, especially for those who have already been diagnosed.

Many lump smoking marijuana in with smoking of all kinds. However, the carcinogenic effects of acts such as smoking cigarettes can largely be reversed through medical marijuana. It helps to increase the capacity of the lungs, which in turn helps them stand up to any possible diseases much more resiliently. Research has shown that while tobacco smokers see diminished lung functionality over the course of their lives, marijuana smokers are much the opposite. This is contradictory to the general public assumption, but it has been proven across the board.

3 – Seizure Control

One of the most dangerous health issues, if left unchecked, is epilepsy. Uncontrolled seizures can lead to self harm, mental setbacks, and all sorts of other problems. In 2003, a study was conducted by Medizin – Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Dispensary that showed marijuana had a powerful calming effect over the symptoms of epilepsy, reference: medizinlv website. The research was given the stamp of approval by the Journal of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics.

By the same token, medical marijuana can also be used to control Dravert’s Syndrome, a lesser known form of seizure. This was featured rather famously in the documentary “Weed,” where a two parents actually administered marijuana to their child since it was the only thing they found that was able to help ease the Dravert’s Syndrome she’d been suffering from. The dosage was low in THC of course, for those of you feeling shocked by this particular application.

Of course, this is just a basic overview of medical marijuana and its many uses. It has also been shown to calm people’s anxiety, relieve the pain associated with Multiple Sclerosis, and even diminish the effects of hepatitis C. It goes on and on. This literal wealth of health benefits is too great to ignore. Fortunately, there have been great strides in the last few years regarding acceptance of marijuana as a worthwhile treatment option for all of these issues. If you’ve ever been skeptical, rest assured, there really is a whole lot more to the drug than just people getting high.

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